To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity..

- Douglas Adams -

A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts.

- Richard Branson -

Yesterday’s home runs don’t win today’s games.

- Babe Ruth -

The team of Carnaby Capital is operating with strong ideas,
pragmatically concepts,
and the love to the detail.



The team of Carnaby Capital is operating with strong ideas,pragmatically concepts,and the love to the detail.

Our Business


Carnaby Capital plans, develops and implements taylor-made residential projects in German metropole regions. Carnaby focusses on premium standard construction quality and pursues state-of-the-art energy efficieny.


In relation to the development of residential projects our prime focus is on student housing and (furnished) micro living apartments. Carnabys projects are innovative in terms of property management and asset management solutions – with the vast majority of standard procedures being digitalized for 24/7 availability and lean management. Digital services cover the full bandwith of the lifespan of a user/object relationship, covering all interfaces between owners, suppliers and users of a specific object.


Our sophisticated IT-concepts serve as an operating system for real estate objects and provide for efficiency in terms of time, costs and ressources. Our system provides added value for all involved parties such as asset managers, users and service providers.


Carnaby solely operates on its own account covering financial, technical and management expertise.

In our projects we focus on:


  • due diligence
  • project and property acquisition
  • market and site analysis
  • holistic and needs-based utilization- and operational concept
  • cost-effectiveness analysis
  • cost calculation
  • rent- and cashflow-calculation
  • financial engineering
  • architecture / engineering services
  • construction work
  • marketing
  • b2b marketing strategies
  • asset management


Tom Leppin


is management partner and founder of Carnaby Capital. At the beginning of his career Tom Leppin was working as IT professional in the mobile and IT sector, working as project leader for large-scale projects.


After studying Business Administration with majors in Marketing and Sales, he specialised in real estate industry. He worked as manager for the real estate portals Immowelt AG and later on as senior key account manager for Immonet GmbH – a daughter of Axel Springer Company. At this time, Tom Leppin designed and renovated his first property – a listed building in Berlin.


Additionaly, Tom Leppin worked as freelance consultant for the Volksbanken Group, the Deusche Kreditbank as well as renown institutional real estate investors and project developer from all over Europe. He accompanied the first joint projects with Dr. Witt at the Witt & Cie. OHG in Hamburg.

Dr. Per Leßmann


is partner of Carnaby Capital and its head of legal. For years, the Hamburg based lawyer was working in the real estate and energy department of “magic circle“ law firm Allen & Overy LLP. During this time he advised various national and international clients in relation to large scale M&A deals, construction projects and real estate transactions.


Dr. Leßmann led real estate transactions with a volume of more than five billion EUR for – inter alia – Swiss Re, Patrizia Alternative Investment, Qatar Islamic Bank and other institutional investors. He was team leader for the restructuring of CMBS ‚Grand’ of Vonovia SE and also led the acquisition of a major share of the German refining capacities for Russian state-owned utility company ‚Rosneft‘ between 2010 and 2011.


Dr. Leßmann has in-depth knowledge and many years of business experience in mergers and acquisitions, construction and real estate finance. He is very well connected and part of a global network of international banks, institutional investors, private equity and sovereign wealth funds.

Dr. Martin Witt


Graduate in Economy (Diplom) and Business Administration (Diplom) and engaged to the advisory board of Carnaby Capital. After holding positions in the strategic management consulting and completing his doctorate Dr. Witt worked as strategic advisor of the deputy chairman of the Deutsche Bahn AG (German railroad company).


He is former chairman and executive director one of the leading german rating agencies, the Scope Group and Co-founder of the publishing house Alsterspreeverlag, which is publishing, inter alia, the investment journal Procontra.


Also, he was working as alternative investment- and real estate fund expert for Various german news papers and channels such as WELT, Welt am Sonntag, Financial Times, N24, n-tv, Focus Money and CAPITAL. From 2001 to 2008 he co-published a yearbook on closed-ended funds.


In the past 15 years he gained an excellent reputation in the finance sector, maintaining contacts to banks and investment companies with a focus on real estates ever since and successfully develops real estate projects in Northern Germany.





We are interested in purchasing suitable objects for implementing our own residential property projects or projects in early planning phases. Optionally with a small proportion of commercial space up to 10 %, in special cases up to 20 %. We are preferring plots or rather existing properties with potential for change with planning progress up to construction permit in the cities of:


  • Berlin / Potsdam
  • Hamburg / Lüneburg
  • Frankfurt am Main / Düsseldorf
  • Munich / Stuttgart
  • Dresden


Per property at least 2,000 square metres total floor area should be feasible. A good public infrastructure and a near by university are welcome.

For questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at angebote@carnaby-capital.com.

Download here our latest aquision profile:

Carnaby Living House Berlin

  • temporary living solutions, fully furnished apartments
  • flat rate rent, covering heating, electricity and internet
  • residential complex for students with shared apartments (2 to 5 rooms per apartment unit)
  • a total of 172 rooms
  • basement, groundfloor, five upper storeys
  • garden plot in inner courtyard for common use
  • modern architecture meets energy efficient construction
  • basement with bicyle storage and facilitymanager room
  • sheltered bicycle sheds in the inner courtyard
  • Campus of HTW Berlin in walking distance, 400 m (about 5.000 new students per semester)
  • close proximity to technology and business incubator
  • excellent connection to public transport system (S-Bahn, Bus, Tram)
  • large recreation area Wuhlheide close by (600 m)
  •  Supermarkets, Cafés, retail stores etc. within 500 m
  • construction started
  • completion scheduled by the 4th quarter of 2018
  • building permit obtained
  • project initiator/owner: Carnaby Living House Berlin GmbH
  • planning and construction: DU Diederichs Projektmanagement AG & Co. KG